California Social Emotional Learning Bills

Here are bills that deserve our support because they will, in different ways, advance SEL implementation. Also the link below provides fast access to your legislators, so you need only call or write and say “I support the following bills and I ask you to do the same.”


AB 167 seeks to provide more funds for childcare and development services for infants and toddlers.
AB 194 – $1 billion for enlarged early preschool and child care. (Pre-schools are SEL leaders.)
AB 895 – reforms and expands mental health services for youth and would impose a tax of 1% on incomes of $1 million or more.
AB 1196 – Enhances model “county education department community schools” in at-risk regions.
AB 1624 – seeks to provide more funding for monitoring and reporting on what is and isn’t working around school climate and mental health elements such as SEL.
AB 1725 – Makes up for recent cutbacks in after-school programs. (More on this below)
SB 686 –  Creates a competition grant program for low-income areas with at-risk youth that includes in its focus “whole child” development from cradle to career.

National Social Emotional Learning Bills

We track legislation that advances high-quality social emotional learning through funding, training and guidance for schools and communities. 

We will soon list all of our tracked bills on this page. You can also check out the great SEL Bill Tracking page from our friends at Committee for Children.