Campaign for SEL

SEL Advocacy in California

The Alliance has five major targets for our advocacy in the state. They are -

In order to form a long-term plan to combat violence and substance abuse and other school and social ills in a serious way, and to raise academic test results and dramatically improve school climate and student engagement, we should make certain that:

  • Legislators, in order to promote funding for SEL development and support for Best Practice Guidelines.
  • School District and local government education department decision makers, especially those who have budget authority.
  • School Personnel, including teachers, administrators and counselors/psychologist and their professional associations and unions.
  • Parents and parent organizations.
  • Community and business leaders for joint advocacy.

With each of these targets our methodology is outreach through member and supportive citizen action (calls, emails and office visit delegations to decision makers and legislators) and creating relevant events.

How To Educate Elected Officials – A Bipartisan Endeavor

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