Teachers Need Therapy. Their Schools Should Pay for It.

The pandemic has added greater urgency to the education world’s steadily growing awareness of the importance of mental well-being in the classroom. And while the focus of these supports has historically centered on students, educator well-being is a critical piece of the equation for thriving and successful young people. After all, the relationship between teacher […]

San Clemente Shares in Nationwide Grant to Reduce Youth Substance Abuse

The San Clemente Wellness & Prevention Coalition joined with 645 other coalitions nationwide in winning an additional five years of funding through the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. The Wellness & Prevention Coalition uses comprehensive strategies to reduce past-30-day use of alcohol and other drugs, increase perception of harm of alcohol and […]

Three Steps to Teach Children About Honesty

We teach children how to count, to read, to tie their shoelaces. We teach them to develop the abilities they need to be happy, active, and well-adjusted adults. Honesty is one of those behaviors. It forms the basis of trust in our relationships. Learning how to be honest and communicate in a respectful, kind, and […]

COVID-19 Relief Spending is Influencing Traditional K-12 Workforce Practices

School systems nationwide are spending up to $20 billion in American Rescue Plan funds to boost the education workforce, with funding being dedicated to staff expansion, class size reduction, recruitment and retention efforts, and other activities, according to a report from FutureEd, a think tank at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. By studying […]

What Will it Take to Keep Teachers From Leaving?

I knew early on the type of teacher I wanted to be: Someone who fuels curiosity and connects with students. Someone who inspires. My father inspired me to become a teacher. He wasn’t a traditional educator — he was a Philadelphia police officer — but his love and passion for history was contagious. He made […]

Finding Answers In the Chronic Absenteeism ‘Black Box’

Many more students than usual nationwide missed big chunks of school during the pandemic, with some school districts seeing their chronic absenteeism rates double. That metric, which looks at the share of students who missed 10% or more of the school year, is an important one. But it doesn’t offer any insight into why a […]

How to Make Education a Bipartisan Issue Again

Culture wars are roiling our schools, with pitched battles at board meetings over Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, sex ed curricula, and even the books stocked in the library. Unfortunately, SEL is now being depicted by some as a Trojan Horse and a politically motivated attempt to bring left-wing ideology into our schools Disagreement isn’t […]

Whittier Union: Expands Social Emotional Learning Services In 2022-23 School Year

Guided by the District’s multi-tiered SEL Pyramid, Whittier Union aims to have services available for all students, whether they need someone to talk to or need crisis intervention and referral services. Students are supported by an SEL Collaborative of student well-being liaisons, student well-being interns, counselors, psychologists and school social workers. Student surveys – conducted […]

Teaching Kids How to Create a Safe Space

Even prior to the pandemic, mental health was the leading cause of poor life outcomes in young people, according to a public health advisory the U.S. Surgeon General issued in December (2021). “With younger children, they’re not able to verbalize [stress], but they will display it in different ways, whether it be a push or […]