African American Girl Gets Email with Racial Slur, Noose Image from Corona Classmate

Alisa Flowers’ 9-year-old daughter logged on to her laptop Wednesday, May 27 — two days after George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer — to retrieve her distance-learning assignments from Corona’s Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School.

The African American fourth grader opened an email to find expletives and a racial epithet aimed at her, with a computerized silhouette image of a person hanging from a noose.

And the person in the image appeared to be swinging back and forth. . .

“She ran upstairs crying and shaking and she said, ‘There is something in my email, there is something in my email,’” Flowers said. “‘Mommy, who did that? Who sent that to me?’”

Then she called the school, the Corona-Norco Unified School District and Corona police.

“It was heartbreaking and, quite frankly, scary,” said Flowers, who declined to name her daughter. “This is not bullying. What my daughter received was a threat on her life based on her identity as being a black child.”

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