An SEL Toolkit for Teachers and Principals to Share with Parents and Other Educators

An updated version of the Emotional Survival Toolkit for Parents and Children is now available from our allies the EQuip Our Kids! campaign, which has also shared these resources with all other state SEL Alliances. 

The Toolkit consists of mostly free and fun resources and superb SEL tools (videos, games, apps and written guides) for parents dealing with their own and their children’s emotional and psychological reactions to home confinement, money struggles and fears for the future. These are from many credible organizations and collectively cover birth through K-12. It is unique as a curated resource and it is free to everyone, with no paid sponsors.

Among others, Kaiser has agreed to share the Toolkit with employees, clients and community partners, and Los Angeles youth and family services units are also sharing with their stakeholders.

A recent study found that 80% of California home-confined parents say they are over-stressed; 50% said their children are. Child abuse, domestic violence and spouse difficulties are reported to be rising sharply. Certain to add to stress levels is ongoing global unemployment, scarcer safety net funding for families, and fewer opportunities for youths looking toward college or jobs.

Countering this, the Toolkit’s array of accessible Emotional Intelligence tools can enhance family relationships and stress management skills along with resilience, adaptability and proactivity, benefiting parents and kids during the coronavirus home restrictions. A secondary benefit is that, once familiar with the practices, parents will be more open to advancing SEL in their schools.

Members are encouraged to let us know of any SEL programs for home use that deserves listing—email suggestions to These should include programs that are teachable digitally so that schools can add to their online classes now and that parent can request.

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