Book Review: The EQ Intervention by Dr. Adam Sáenz

Dr. Adam Sáenz, author of the new book, The EQ Intervention: Shaping a Self-Aware Generation Through Social and Emotional Learning, writes that learning emotional intelligence is the key to stopping school violence and a far better alternative than arming teachers. “When students are able to identify and manage their feelings, and when they feel connected to those around them, not only are they less likely to resort to violence to express their emotions, but they are also more likely to develop healthy social bonds and to attain higher levels of academic achievement.” His book explores the world of emotional intelligence, establishing the framework that he and his clinical team have used to empower educators, students, parents, elite athletes and business executives with the psychological skillset necessary to not just survive, but to actually thrive amid the stressful demands of daily living.

With his research team, Dr. Sáenz has developed a psychological measure of personality and emotional intelligence: the Educator Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (EASEL). Dr. Sáenz has used EASEL data to lead educators, students, athletes, parents and business executives to increase their understanding of themselves and to most effectively harness the power of their emotions.

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