CASEL is Updating the Most Widely Recognized Definition of SEL: Here’s Why

In the 26 years since CASEL introduced the term “social and emotional learning,” the research and practice of SEL have grown tremendously. Today, educators talk about SEL in many ways and hear about a multitude of strategies for implementation in schools and classrooms.

As the creators of the most widely cited SEL definitions, CASEL now sees a need to clarify what’s necessary to achieve the vision of SEL for all educators, adults and young people. We’ve updated our definition and framework to pay close attention to how SEL affirms the identities, strengths and experiences of all children, including those who have been marginalized in our education systems. CASEL has continued to highlight the importance of enhancing the social-emotional competence of all young people and adults, while putting additional emphasis on how we can all learn and work together to create caring and just schools and communities.

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