Dr. Cranston Releases Book on SEL Environments

A scholar and writer as well as an administrator, our Executive Director Dr. Cranston combines her research and hands-on experience into what she seeks to be an important aid to expanding SEL adoption.

From the book blurb: “Many educators find themselves wondering, what exactly is SEL? How should it be taught? What does it look like in the classroom? And, is it our job as educators to teach students non-academic life skills? Based on author Dr. Amy Cranston’s experiences with implementing SEL from a practical standpoint, this book defines SEL and digs into the real work of how to incorporate SEL in K-12 schools. It makes the connection between research and practical application and the real-life examples and testimonials of SEL in the classroom will help educators effectively implement SEL programming”.

And a testimonial: “This book is a wonderful resource to help us understand the context for this new emphasis and openness around social and emotional learning. It provides guidance for how each of us can impact another human for the better and find our own personal growth and transformation in the process. In short, what is social and emotional learning in its most distilled state? Love.” – Michael Funk, Director, California Department of Education, Expanded Learning Division.

The book is available directly from the publisher or at Amazon.

(Disclaimer: This editor of this blog requested information about the book from Dr.Cranston.)

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