EdSource Interview: Linda Darling-Hammond

President of the CA State Board of Education discusses California’s school response to the coronavirus

Linda Darling-Hammond is president of the State Board of Education in California, and also president of the Learning Policy Institute, a research and policy organization in Palo Alto. Working closely with Gov. Gavin Newsom, she has played a significant role in shaping guidance that the state has issued for schools in how to respond to the corona virus pandemic.

EdSource: What thoughts would you like to share with people connected to the education system in California?

Linda Darling-Hammond: We haven’t had a set of closures like this since the Spanish influenza in 1918. It’s been amazing to me, as we tried to pull together guidance and resources for school districts in this serious time, how creative and committed California’s educators are and how many are actively involved in problem solving.

I want people to know that the state is going to double down to support districts and kids in their learning and their access to meals and access to childcare. There’s a lot of work going on to provide resources and we’re going to try to facilitate sharing among the very, very creative and thoughtful educators across the state. So many amazing efforts are going on that others can learn from. The level of collaboration that people are engaging in is just astonishing to me. So I want people to take some hope in the fact that folks are joining hands to really confront this issue.

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