ExSELent Teaching

Is your classroom feeling stale, disconnected, or inefficient? Are you struggling to support the social and emotional needs of your students? Do you need your spark rekindled or are you just looking to grow as an educator?

Teachers are looking for strategies to support today’s students’ significant social, emotional, and academic needs while making their classrooms highly engaging, efficient, and effective. This book shares strategies, procedures, and structures that will help teachers do exactly that from a two-time national award-winning educator.

In his 25 years in the classroom, R. Keeth Matheny (“Coach Rudy”) has learned many lessons, co-developed strategies and frameworks, and most of all, seen the incredible and heart-warming effects of strong SEL programs. SEL is a research and evidence-based, proactive approach to students’ social, emotional, and mental well-being. Strong social and emotional classroom practices impact culture, climate, inclusion, behavior, engagement, and academic achievement. This book is designed to share these lessons, frameworks, and many moving stories of this work. Coach Rudy shares his personal experience along with actionable strategies, frameworks, and tips for classroom teachers and/or administrators. In addition, many of his former students add their authentic voices in deeply inspiring reflections about the impacts of these practices in their lives.

The book is sequenced like the flow of the class, and the concepts in the book will be relevant on multiple levels. While the book, on the surface, may seem to be just about classroom practices, you will also find deep insights into many broad life lessons. Each chapter covers an essential classroom pedagogical approach you can use in any class to grow a truly exSELent classroom. While many of these concepts may not be new to you, the connection to brain science, supporting student growth, and life lessons will likely add much depth and inspiration. Regardless of whether you are a veteran educator or a novice, this book will offer tons of actionable takeaways you can put to use right away for your classroom and your life.