Family Therapist, Social Workers Continue to Support Students at Delano Unified

Life can be difficult enough under normal circumstances. Now, in the current public health crisis, the challenges for parents, guardians and caregivers can seem overwhelming, and children have worries and anxieties like nothing they have ever experienced.

Fortunately, Delano Union School District continues to provide social-emotional and mental health support services for students and families.

“There are many challenges for our families right now,” notes Rosalina Rivera, superintendent. “Our family therapist and the school social workers remain on duty, and their work is more important than ever!”

Rivera points out that the District’s closure message – “Together, we will see this through!” – sums up the mission of these staff members.

“These difficult times are giving us the opportunity to look inward, reflect on what truly matters and connect with ourselves and our loved ones on a deeper level,” observes Maria Sandoval, DUSD school social worker, reflecting a positive and optimistic personality that she shares with other staff members providing mental health support services.

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