Guidance on Remote Teaching Resources for Special Ed Students

If you’re looking for guidance documents from the US Dept. of Education relating to special education and related services during the coronavirus school closure, visit the special education guidance hub.

The Educating All Learners Alliance, a new partnership of over thirty disability, advocacy and professional groups, has created a “hub of curated tools, strategies, tips and best practices for supporting students with disabilities online.” In addition to resources for teachers who work with students with autism, learning disabilities, students with hearing loss and visual impairments, there are discipline-specific resources for social workers, school psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school nurses and speech therapists.

Curious about how to adapt behavior supports for a remote environment? Check out the tool for creating a Positive Behavior Interventions and Services (PBIS) behavior teaching matrix for remote instruction, tips for addressing executive functioning issues in a remote environment and story time for younger students. You can also find out what other districts across the country are doing during periods of school closure and find out what parents have to say about providing a remote learning experience.

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