International SEL Day 2020–March 27, 2020

In collaboration with The Urban Assembly (and shout out to Dave Adams of SEL4NY for conceiving this idea!), SEL4US is launching the first annual SEL Day on March 27, 2020 to showcase, promote, advocate for and support SEL.

We know many of you are involved with SEL work in schools and communities outside of your SEL4US work. We would love to have your other SEL organizations sign on as our first SEL Day partners.

Become an SEL Day Partner! We are seeking partners from all sectors—schools, youth-serving organizations, out-of-school-time, preschool, higher education, SEL providers, healthcare providers, religious organizations, community groups, government, businesses, funders, and more!

Make your commitment today to spread the word to your networks and help us showcase SEL, promote SEL, advocate for SEL with policymakers, and support SEL in schools, organizations and communities.

Commit to as many actions as your organization can support—even a single action can make a big difference. We are so excited to see all your great energy coming together collectively to showcase, promote, advocate for and support SEL!

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