Join the National Anti-Racism Teach-In

The National Anti-Racism Teach-In is an annual conference and global movement to dismantle structures and norms that uphold racial inequity. In its second year, this explosive gathering provides a productive space for attendees to explore the foundational history of racism and bias and recognize the presence of racism in ways that are often overlooked. 

The virtual conferences will feature symposiums, general sessions, workshops, extensive group work, and dialogue sessions with some of America’s most notable anti-racism scholars, experts, authors, practitioners, and other preeminent thought leaders. Because anti-racism requires critical examination, thinking and learning, the non-traditional conferences aim to also provide a platform for participants to gather together and explore issues of racism and white supremacy in America and beyond. Registered attendees include educators, innovators, practitioners, business and organizational leaders, and other conscious citizens.

The Teen Experience: August 7, 2020

General Conference: August 10 – 12, 2020

National Anti-Racism Teach-In Conference

Register: The Teen Experience: August 7, 2020

Register: National Anti-Racism Teach-In General Conference August 10-12, 2020