kid-grit the BOOK

kid-grit the BOOK is a collection of 25 authentic, soul-searching stories from students across the nation. Inspiring stories from the voices of our youth ages 17- 27. These young authors describe challenges and victories and words of wisdom to our next generation of leaders.

You will find topics dealing with everything from depression, bullying, substance abuse in the home, physical violence, digital addiction, anxiety disorder, isolation, abuse of social media, transgender challenges, poverty, and more listed below. All of these issues could be recipes for failure- they can ruin the trajectory of a young person’s future if effective interventions are not available and on target. You will also see how each author handles her/his challenges and struggles.

It is part of our mission to provide real-life testimonials from the very people who have overcome their challenges. kid-grit: THE BOOK can be used to engage middle and high school youth in important and timely conversations focused on their own social-emotional growth, feelings and how to navigate challenges successfully.