Legislative Update – January 2020

These are California bills we are monitoring this year and which we encourage member support by emailing or calling your legislators.

  • Upcoming Resolution – Announced last year but pulled back before formal introduction and to be introduced early in the new session by Senator Henry Stern and inspired in part by our Alliance member Susan Ward Roncalli and with full Alliance support, a new resolution would put the Legislature on record as urging school districts to promote SEL in all schools and to implement the document known as “California Social-Emotional Learning Guiding Principles.” The principles were developed more than a year ago and have been promoted by the California Department of Education (CDE). A potential other benefit in declaring for the first time a Legislature intention toward SEL by name, would be more directed funding. 
  • AB 6 and AB 194 – The former deals with integrating better practices for monitoring and integrating early childhood education in the state; the latter would appropriate $1 billion for expansion of early childhood ed focused on up to 3 years old. Both would advance SEL and are stalled, with AB 194 likely permanently so.
  • AB 2291 – Focuses on new support for anti-bullying practices. It too is stalled for the moment.
  • AB 1196 – Held over from last year and would advance “community schools” created by county boards. Supported because these schools tend to be strong on SEL.

At the national level, the $260 million for SEL voted last year by the House of Representatives got no traction in the Senate. It seems unlikely to gain traction this year, either. 

For a review of other national measures and funding votes that have some SEL relation, download this PDF from the Committee for Children.  

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