LGBTQ+ Students in Conservative Crosshairs

Several California schools from Riverside to Mt. Shasta now require that school staff inform parents if students ask to use a different name or pronoun, or to take part in a program, or to use a facility associated with a gender other than the one they had at birth.

Proponents say parents have a right to know. Opponents counter that such requirements could endanger already vulnerable students. After previous statewide legislation attempts failed, parental notification could be on the ballot in 2024.

“I personally have a friend who would not be safe in his home if he came out to his parents as trans,” Asher Palmer, a Rocklin High School student who identifies as LGBTQ, said at the Sept. 6 meeting. “He would not be safe. His siblings would not be kind to him, and his parents would not be kind to him. … I hope you take my words into consideration and understand how unsafe children could become in their own households if this action is approved.”

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