Notre Dame School in Santa Barbara Adds Social and Emotional Support for Students

In this interview, the Santa Barbara Noozhawk spoke with Marissa Carroll, Principal at The Notre Dame School to learn more about what their school offers and the changes that have been made due to COVID-19.

Q: How does your school support students who have academic, social, or emotional difficulties?A: In the 2019-2020 school year we introduced the Student Success Team. It consists of classroom and after school aides, our Whole Child Coordinator, our School Secretary, and the Principal, all who work together to ensure that our students have access to and support through our curriculum. We implement the STEP (Support Team Education Plans) process for students who are identified as needing additional adjustments in order to be successful, and our STEP coordinator in cooperation with teachers and parents oversees these plans. Each member of the Student Success Team receives ongoing professional development in providing social and emotional support to the students alongside the teachers. Due to our small class size and tight-knit community, our teachers are aware of the strengths and areas of growth for each of their students and provides individualized support in the learning environment whenever warranted. Read Full Interview with Principal Marissa Carroll

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