Our First Parent & Child Fair is November 3

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We are bringing parents in the Los Angeles area together with Alliance members to create enthusiasm for supporting SEL in their local schools. We’re excited about this! The date is Sunday Nov. 3 from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

This is an opportunity for SEL providers to share about and demonstrate how your programs can be a fun way for students to learn to be their best selves. It is also an opportunity for local educators to get a reasonable sample of the range of programs available to your schools.

We are undertaking a broad marketing effort to reach parents in Los Angeles and an intensive effort for a 10 mile radius around the hosting school site, which is on the border of El Segundo and Hawthorne. The radius embraces an exceptionally wide range of ethnic, racial and economic-status sectors and many schools.

Providers are invited to table at no charge and/or demonstrate your programs directly to parents and their children in one of the day’s 20-minute interval presentations in an indoor speakers area.

All members are invited to help organize the Parent Fair. The more of you who do, the more successful we are likely to be.

To participate, please Reply or send to info@sel4ca.org by responding to the following queries. Please do so promptly so we can move the event preparation along at an optimal pace.

Your Name: Telephone:

Do you want to Table? Present? Both?   Program name and type/modality:

State the organizing team(s) you can participate in: Tabling & Presenting, Marketing, Logistics.

For more information see your earlier emails this week from info@sel4.ca.org.

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