Palmdale School District Provides SEL Specialists During Pandemic

Palmdale School District’s social emotional learning specialists help students with a variety of concerns, and who might struggle with distance learning and miss going to school each day because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The specialists, also known as SELS, are licensed through the state of California to be mental health practitioners. Palmdale School District has the clinicians on staff at a majority of middle schools and some elementary school campuses. The specialists provide instruction, case management, therapy and educationally required counseling services to students to promote mental health, positive social skills and personal growth.

Lyndsie Williams helps students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade at Tumbleweed Elementary School. “I’m the mental health person on campus,” Williams said.

“One of the big pushes with Palmdale School District is making sure our foster youth and our homeless population is well taken care, so I also have a foster youth support group and a homeless support group,” Williams said.

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