Pedaling Youth Mental Health in the Trinity Alps

It’s as easy as riding a bike — in this case a mountain bike —asserts Keith Sprague. Sprague teaches at Alps View High School in Weaverville, a California mountain town in the Trinity Alps. AVHS is a small continuation school for students who are not on track to graduate from traditional high school.

In 2021, Sprague, a member of Trinity Alps Unified Teachers Association, received a $20,000 grant from CTA’s Institute for Teaching to buy 16 mountain bikes for his students. The goal: to help break the vicious cycle of apathy, poor health habits and lack of exercise. He also bought an e-bike for students with special needs.

“I am striving to be the teacher I wish I had when I was younger. I’ll do whatever it takes to support these kids and help them get back on track,” said Sprague.

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Photo: California Teachers Association