‘Potty Training to Punishment’ | SCUSD Suspends Black Kids at High Rates

The Capital of School Suspensions II report says Black males are five times more likely to be suspended from Sacramento City Unified School District. The statewide suspension average is 3.5%, according to the report, which uses data from the California Department of Education. The report is a follow up to one completed in 2018.

Principal Eracleo Guevara said the initial 2018 report was impactful and led their school to a transformation. “It affects student’s learning, growth, and development in school if they’re constantly being suspended or expelled. It directly relates to individual’s later reliance on social services, so there’s definite economic impacts. There’s even greater impacts when we consider the direct linkage that research has shown between suspensions and the school-to-prison pipeline,” said Dr. J. Luke Wood, co-author of the report and education professor at San Diego State University.

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