Proactive School Districts Create Structured Approach

Working with Students Struggling with SEL and Mental Health Issues

With 49% of American adolescents managing mental disorders, and 22.5% of these 13–18-year-old youngsters dealing with severe impairments, school districts have realized it is necessary to take a more proactive role in recognizing and helping to treat these very personal conditions. For most, this requires a more structured approach to monitoring student mental health and providing services to support students in need.

For districts that are in the early stages of this process, a good starting point is to consider the wellbeing of the “whole child.” For example, some schools are implementing curriculums that address the massive impact of technology and include social-emotional learning to teach skills students can use to moderate and manage their own behaviors. The curriculum also helps adolescents treat others with understanding, develop persistence and display resilience in the face of their personal challenges.

Here are five more steps that all districts can take to help their struggling students and support their social and emotional health in and out of school.

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