Tell Your Story Before They Do

For so long, people have been trying to tell your story. They’ve put you in a box. Made you feel less than, and challenged you to live life their way. You may feel frustration, anger, disgust. You’re hungry for success. You’re tired of giving your story away.

Nate Howard is a professional speaker, poet, educator, and social entrepreneur. In May 2013, Nate made the front page of the LA Times for sparking a movement against racial profiling after 79 LAPD officers shut down his event at USC. Realizing someone was attempting to tell his story, he founded Movement BE, a non-profit organization that helps young people discover their story.

In Tell Your Story Before They Do, Nate Howard will help you find the courage to accept yourself for who you are, despite what others may think of you. You will:

  • Find the motivation to understand your true story
  • Discover your true purpose and passion
  • Bet on yourself, finding financial and personal success
  • Take a leap of faith to start on the path to a new life

You want to live your true story, so no one can use it against you? Then heed Howard’s call to trust your intuition, listen to your inner voice, and realize what you’re truly called to be.

You get what you think about most, so believe in the greatest version of yourself. No matter your background, social status or age, find your story. Tell your story. Be your story.

More About Nate Howard and Movement BE

With the motto of “Tell Your Story Before They Do,” Movement BE has directly impacted thousands of students across the country and even the world. Nate was selected on the inaugural NBCBLK28 list as one of the top 28 black leaders in the nation under 28 years old. He was later featured on the Today Show as one of the “Best and Brightest: Game Changers Making History.” Most recently Nate was honored in his hometown of San Diego as the ” Young Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Nate’s belief is that we should focus our activism on education, empowering youth to create change so that the movement is proactive and sustainable. Seeing poetry as a means of self-expression, he challenges school systems to see its use as vital for the development of youth, giving them the courage to find their story to challenge the status quo. Nate has recorded his poetry on songs with artists Ty Dolla Sign, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Cornel West.