The Poet and I

In pursuit of shaping young lives and making a difference, Jeff Hainbuch dedicated the first 25 years of his career to teaching in some of the most challenging neighborhoods and environments. In 2020, as twists in the road led to unexpected places and opportunities arose for a new career filled with spirituality and ink, Jeff turned his attention to the dream of writing his first novel.

“The Poet and I,” a narrative fiction, is the story of his life; a journey navigating childhood traumas, the challenges of adulthood, heartbreaks and marriages, real-world issues; a vast array of events and emotions—all experienced in the quest to learn life’s lessons, to tend to his soul’s calling; to answer the question of who he is.

This novel was birthed in a changing world. It teaches a belief that perhaps we all have a guardian angel and that finding a little bit of magic along the way makes all the difference when navigating the challenges of living an examined life.

Now an accredited Chopra meditation instructor, and huge supporter of mindfulness and self-care, Jeff is planning his next book.