Why Oprah Donated $1 Million to Teach For America’s SEL Program

As a girl, Oprah dreamed of becoming a teacher and inspiring her students to be “more than they thought they could be,” just as her teachers did for her. As an adult, she has long recognized and celebrated the work of teachers. Calling them “unsung heroes” in a piece for Oprah Daily earlier this year, Oprah said teachers are “essential for the betterment of society.”

Now Oprah is making her dedication to teaching tangible once more through a $1,000,000 grant for Teach For America, an organization that places teachers in school districts in 350 urban and rural communities across the country.

“I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the tireless work that teachers have put in throughout this year to continue to find ways to encourage and motivate their students through some—we can’t even call them trying times—beyond-trying times,” Oprah said of her donation in an exclusive announcement, which you can watch below.

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