With Lessons Rooted in Social Justice, Minecraft’s “Good Trouble” Aims to Help Build a Better World

Ralph A. Long IV is only 13, but he’s been playing Minecraft about half his life. He likes how freeing it is, how he can build whatever he wants – houses, bases, tunnels that lead out of mountains. He learns about mining, pick axes and Earth’s resources. He likes playing with his friends in multi-player modes. He applies what he’s learned to real-life subjects such as math and chemistry.

Long has spent most of the pandemic in remote schooling, a situation he says has definitely “not been a cakewalk.” But being home has meant more Minecraft hours. More recently, the Atlanta-based seventh-grader discovered another Minecraft world on his Xbox Series X: “Good Trouble: Lessons in Social Justice.”

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Lesson Plans for Teachers in “Good Trouble: Lessons in Social Justice”