Youth Talk Candidly To Adults: Stop Being Bullies, America’s Children Are Listening.

“It tells kids that it’s OK to do that because they’re seeing adults do it,” says Tahara Araujo, an 8-year-old who lives in New York state.

As we adults rage against, name-call and bully each other over wearing masks, over who we’re voting for next month, and over who’s right and who’s wrong about any one of several existential crises our country faces, the kids are tuned in.  And in response to an angry national conversation that seems somehow normalized in a year wrought with angst, America’s youths have something to say.

Kids are taught to look up to their elders, but as a collective, we adults are setting some stunningly poor examples with the insulting, degrading and condescending lengths we’ll go to to make our point.

They want us to straighten up.  Across America Children Are Listening

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