Business Engagement Committee

Why Business Would Benefit from Joining a Coalition in Supporting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in All Schools

SEL is an educational process that when effectively embedded in schools and curriculum teaches children skills that increase academic achievement and lessen risky behaviors.

Ready-to-Work High School Graduates Who Are:

  • Able to recognize and control their emotions
  • Understand and show empathy for others
  • Willing to give full effort to their work
  • Exhibit active listening skills and mature communication skills
  • Be a problem-solver
  • Work well with others as a team member
  • Show leadership skills and have a positive attitude
  • Deliver the performance your business needs
  • Understand and accept cross-cultural differences

Cost Savings and Higher Productivity (actual business effects based on academic studies of employees and managers trained in emotional intelligence)*:

  • More reasoned and rational decision-making
  • Better job performance and more successful leadership
  • Improved sales and negotiation effectiveness
  • Increased productivity in almost all categories
  • Calmer, happier and low-conflict workplaces
  • SEL recruitment methodology increases successful hires
  • Retention of employees and reduced grievances more likely
  • SEL recruitment practices increases successful hires
  • Quicker recovery time due to injury or sickness

*From Emotional Intelligence Consortium website at

Train our children in ways of thinking that will make them excellent employees and leaders in their communities.

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