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WHAT: We invite you to host in your home a joyful, fun, celebratory and inspiring dinner party in in a way that would spread that joy to countless children. (You can sign up below.)

WHEN: This holiday month or in January as a kickoff to the new year.

WHY: It would be a dinner party in support of the one thing that can actually elevate the lives of all children, and fix their schools. 

That one thing is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) which raises emotional intelligence (EQ) and may be the ultimate gift to all children…and to humanity itself.

Joyful and immensely effective when instituted comprehensively, SEL provides the skillset and mindset to deal with ourselves, with others and with life itself in a wonderful and healthy way. EQuip Our Kids! is about making sure every K-12 school prioritizes the phenomenal benefits of such training – and not only the 10% whose students thrive academically, relationally and emotionally in school and in life.  

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HOW:  If you are not a nonprofit staffer committed to raising or donating funds to your own organization, a beautifully fun way to help make the skills ultimately available at all schools is to bring your friends together for a happy Equip Our Kids! dinner party this month or in January and let us sell ticket to your house event, party or picnic via Eventbite.

You’ll be helping us promote student access in LA and California to SEL that reduces most school pain (including bullying, drug usage and teacher stress) and adds vastly more competence, understanding empathy and success for students. (Learn more,

WHO: The Equip Our Kids! campaign is a joint venture of our nonprofit California Social-Emotional Learning Alliance and the nonprofit Big EQ Campaign.  SEL4CA is an Alliance of dozens of grassroots organizations, educators, program developers and mental health professionals who passionately support universal EQ-raising SEL programs and practices. The Big EQ Campaign is an advertising/marketing and grassroots mobilization campaign to raise emotional intelligence on a national level via social-emotional learning, starting with schools in Los Angeles and California.   

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    • Sign Up – You’ll get to choose a ticket price, time/date and number of guests. Or a brunch, lunch or picnic alternative. Host as an individual, co-host with a friend, host as a family, or gather friends and host a large gathering.* 
    • Invite Guests – We will email you a personal Eventbrite link to which you can refer your invitees to purchase their tickets. We’ll also send a customizable text to reach out to friends.
  • Get Creative – Plan a meal that’s your donation to EQuip Our Kids! and that comports with your budget. Maybe it is a spaghetti dinner or maybe a five-courser.

Our dinner party consultant is available to help you think through a creative event if you want to add something beyond the fun and love of gathering with friends.

We’ll supply a Party Kit with some fun EQ games, recipes. campaign brochures, a program, and a brief inspirational video so that everyone knows they are helping a great cause provide a tremendous need for all our children… and a  must for the evolution of humanity. 


We’re calling these two months the EQuip Our Kids! Holiday Wraparound and we’ll share your party photos on social media and our websites so you will feel proudly part of a larger local community making a real difference.

*We invite student and college groups, professional and community associations, businesses and faith communities to host. Restaurants can host a dinner, co-host with friends in a private home, or donate proceeds from one night.



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