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The California SEL Alliance is a grassroots campaign aimed at influencing leaders in education and in state and local governments to rapidly implement and fund social-emotional learning (SEL) in every school in the state. Currently, only about 10% of state students have the good fortune to be in schools that prioritize SEL.

By joining us you are promoting effective social and emotional learning programs, policies, and practices in your community and in all schools and communities in California. When we act collectively, we can accomplish great things.

We are an all-volunteer group and membership is free! When you complete the form to join the Alliance, we’ll keep you updated on the latest SEL news in California and nationally (about 1-3 emails per month). We’ll also invite you to join our volunteer efforts for the Committee Interests that you select.

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  1. Raising EQ improves grades and minimizes bullying, drugs, racism, suicides, and disruptive behaviors.
  2. Children have the opportunity to emerge as relationally brilliant, caring, healthy, and high achievers.
  3. U.S. workplaces are prioritizing EQ and social-emotional skills in hiring. 
  4. Societal costs of crime, mental health, drugs, poverty, stress, and violence decline among individuals who have experienced effective SEL (across class, ethnicity, and race).
  5. Social and emotional learning that raises EQ is humanity’s only known potential society-wide tool that reduces many societal ills and personal conflict and misery.

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 Our goal is to build a large network by making it easy to be a member. Here is the template: