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Our charge now as educators and school leaders is to ensure our SEL practices are Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) rooted; trauma-informed; culturally competent; anti-racist and anti-bias. To do this, we must cast a wide lens looking at the entire school community.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

This brief explores some of the current mental health needs of school-age children, their families, and the OST workforce. In addition, this brief discusses the social and emotional constructs that promote resilience.

For Community & Nonprofit Organizations, Educators, Families, School & District Leadership

This guide outlines a four-step program evaluation process that provides a consistent framework for coordinating SEL programs that are feasible, appropriate, and effective.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

Watch this video to go inside a new “Wellness Center” at a San Jose high school, which offers students a relaxing place to take a mental health break.

For Educators, Families, School & District Leadership

Calming spaces in schools and classrooms are just that—spaces that allow students who are feeling stressed or emotionally dysregulated to practice self-regulation and coping skills so that they can return to learning with minimal disruption to themselves or others.

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