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The CalHOPE Schools Initiative links 3 powerful resources together at one easy access point for CA educators: A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth, Angst: Building Resilience, and adds Look at Me Now: Stories of Hope.

For Educators

These resources look at the issues returning students face that are having an impact on their mental health and offer tips on how to deal with these issues and the resulting emotions.(Registration required.)

For Educators, Families

A toolkit that highlights mental health supports created by BIPOC communities, for BIPOC communities.

For Educators, Families

Video representing school districts from New Haven to Anchorage, where social and emotional skills are being taught and assessed just like skills in math and reading

For Educators, Families, School & District Leadership

Inspirational video to prepare children for the world by educating the heart

For Educators, Families