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Book offers an age by stage guide of children’s social and emotional development. Parents learn how to work with children to understand their big feelings and how to manage them.

Website offers free supports to parents including articles, tools, games, apps, book recommendations for various ages, and more. Many parenting tools are also available in Spanish.

For Families

Would you like a specific card game to play with your family that helps develop social and emotional skills? Check out Mind Brain Parenting for their many card decks all based on the social and emotional learning framework. Received the Parent’s Choice Award for best parenting products.

For Families

This study examines how one major schoolbased SEL research framework may apply to parents’ use of SEL:

  • To develop their children’s socialemotional competence
  • To apply and enhance their own socialemotional competence in their everyday parenting practices.
For Families

Short downloadable guide for parents that provide accurate information in support of SEL in schools and communities. Use these tools to ground conversations in facts and data, dispel misinformation, and advocate for high quality social, emotional and academic learning.

For Families

This project from the National PTA includes presentations for PTAs and for parents to learn what SEL is and how parents can promote each of the core competencies in family life. There are also family activities for introducing and practicing social and emotional skills and service learning activities for families to put social and emotional skills into action in their communities.

For Educators, Families

Based on the SEL framework (but does not use any SEL language), this site offers a parenting process with specific guidance on a wide range of parenting topics like bullying, listening, anger, lying and more by age and stage ranging from 0-19 years of age. You can search by age and topic. Preliminary research found that when parents’ used the tools with their children, not only did social and emotional competence increase in the children, it increased in parents too. In addition to tools, there are one page fact sheets as well as podcasts.

For Families

This report shares findings from analysis across 35 schools from 26 districts in California as they implement the MTSS framework at the school site level.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

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