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This executive brief includes key survey findings from more than 1,100 educators from across the country, with more than 60 school districts represented. The bottom line? Educators nationwide agree that student behavioral concerns have gotten even more worrisome in the past several years.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

There is a consensus among educators, parents, and policymakers that education should focus on supporting essential capacities to help children navigate the world successfully. These capacities include developing healthy relationships, treating others with respect, solving problems and thinking creatively, succeeding in education and careers, and being a contributing citizen. in a democracy. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is critical for the development of these capacities.

For Community & Nonprofit Organizations, Educators, Families

This report reviews the findings from 12 independent meta-analyses covering hundreds of studies of school-based SEL programs, presents the evidence on the effects of social and emotional learning programs in PreK–12 schools, and considers the next steps for research in SEL.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

EAB’s annual Voice of the Superintendent Survey aims to gather and elevate the experiences, needs, and perspectives of district leaders across the nation.

For School & District Leadership

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011–2021 provides the most recent surveillance data, as well as 10-year trends, on health behaviors and experiences among high school students in the United States (U.S.) related to adolescent health and well-being . These include sexual behaviors, substance use, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, experiences such as violence and poor mental health, social determinants of health such as unstable housing, and protective factors such as school connectedness and parental monitoring . We also highlight disparities in these important outcomes by sex, race and ethnicity, sexual identity, and sex of sexual contacts .

This report is developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) to highlight the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data collected every two years among
a nationally representative sample of U.S. high school students.

For Community & Nonprofit Organizations, Families, School & District Leadership

Student mental health is highly connected to student success and well-being. Findings from surveys from 1,200 California students indicate students are experiencing a host of mental health issues, including but not limited to an increase in social anxiety, panic attacks, depressive symptoms, body image issues, self-harm, and suicidal ideation.

For Community & Nonprofit Organizations, Educators, Families, School & District Leadership

This toolkit is designed to give state policymakers and education leaders a set of strategies, tools, and resources to advance whole child policy and systems change. A whole child education prioritizes the full scope of a child’s developmental needs—social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and psychological, as well as academic—to ensure that all children are able to reach their full potential.

For School & District Leadership

This report looks at a broad body of neuroscience, science of learning, and child development science to examine how schools can use effective, research-based practices to create settings in which students’ healthy growth and development are central to the design of classrooms and the school as a whole.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

Educators and parents can learn and model core SEL skills using these new resources from First Five California, including naming emotions and dragon breathing.

For Educators, Families

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