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A nationally representative survey of teachers, principals, and district leaders to ascertain the amount of time spent in classrooms on social-emotional learning (SEL), the amount of money spent on products and resources related to SEL, and the motivations of various stakeholders for investing in students’ social-emotional skills.

For School & District Leadership

Focus on the role of a principal as an equity leader who promotes access, equity, and achievement for all students on the school campus.

For School & District Leadership

Explore how we can begin to address the historical barriers and educational inequities to provide greater access and equity for our students of color.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

explores one of the most important challenges facing secondary students — providing a pathway to success for middle and high school students who have been failed by our traditional educational system.

For Educators, School & District Leadership

Explore the key elements of a successful parent-school partnership — transparency, relationships, active engagement, communication, and equity — in order to address the needs of the whole child.

For Families

A first-ever national report card grading every state in the country on policies that support school mental health, with recommendations so that every state can take further action to help their children.

For Community & Nonprofit Organizations, Educators, School & District Leadership

The CalHOPE Schools Initiative links 3 powerful resources together at one easy access point for CA educators: A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth, Angst: Building Resilience, and adds Look at Me Now: Stories of Hope.

For Educators

These resources look at the issues returning students face that are having an impact on their mental health and offer tips on how to deal with these issues and the resulting emotions.(Registration required.)

For Educators, Families

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