Our Mission

The Social Emotional Learning Alliance of California (SEL4CA) advocates for the wellbeing of our schools, educators, and students through the advancement of transformative SEL as the cornerstone for education.

We envision California schools as the heart of the community, central to family and community engagement; where young people, and the adults who work with them, thrive personally and professionally. A school environment where transformative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the cornerstone of our education system, where the mental health and well-being of all students and educators are priority, and where social justice and equity are integral to the culture. 

We do this through engaging all stakeholders in the advocacy of SEL policy and practice, educator support and training, and grant-making for teachers and SEL providers to expand on the great work already happening in California schools.

And it’s not just needed for our youth–adults, in particular educators, need SEL and wellness practices now more than ever as we face a two-fold mental health crisis among both our youth and our educators. 

Backed by decades of solid research, SEL is proven to make a positive impact on students’ academic achievement as well as social skills, behavior, school attendance and engagement, and graduation rates…it’s the missing piece in our education system to adequately prepare students for successful adult lives, and create supportive and effective learning environments for all to thrive – in school and in life.