SEL4CA Committees

SEL4CA Committees are formed through and by the initiatives of its members. If you have an idea for a committee, SEL4CA will send an email to our members to find others with similar interests.

ACTIONS COMMITTEE: Devise activist campaigns and delegations to decision makers. Also manage delegations, petition drives, and other actions. Works closely with the Policy and Advocacy Committee.

ATHLETES/SPORTS RECRUITMENTDevise and carry out methods to activate athletes, coaches and referees on all levels (schools through pros) into the cause.

BUSINESS SUPPORT: Recruit businesses to help lobby, to donate and to help spread the word in their marketing. Raise money.

CREATIVITY COMMITTEE: Create imaginative ways to engage the membership in actions that move the cause along, including recommendations to the other committees for their consideration.

EDUCATION: Devise and carry out methods to bring educators and academics at all levels into the cause, including on to this committee.

EVENT COMMITTEE: Create and mount events and co-events and arrange for tabling at relevant non-Alliance events.

FAMILY & COMMUNITY: Devise and carry out methods to engage parents and students in the cause, including helping parent and students in turn to reach out for wider community support.

MEDIA & COMMUNICATION: Works on three fronts: press relations, including calls, visits and press releases to journalists. Also devising ways to get entertainment media to engage with and showcase the cause. Also creates the Alliance newsletter.

OUTREACH & RECRUITMENT: Bringing non-educator target audiences such as mental health workers, professional and ethnic groups, and key community organizations into the cause, with the possibility that people will participate in existing committees listed here and may create a new committee just for their peer group.

POLICY & ADVOCACY: Stay abreast of key policy challenges in the state, propose legislation and identify where intervention would be most helpful.

SEL PROGRAM PROVIDERS  & SEL CONSULTANTS COMMITTEE: For SEL program developers, SEL consultants and other SEL purveyors who now compete with each other for school sales or hiring.  Time to take collective action to expand the financing and adoption of SEL in the state, doing so in the absence of any existing industry association. Ideally will evolve as a subset of the Alliance or spin off into its own industry organization.

SPEAKERS BUREAU: Identify and acquire opportunities for public speaking by members and manage member participation as speakers.

STEERING COMMITTEE: Set overall policy guidance for the Alliance.

WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA: Manage the public media face and content output of the Alliance.