Steering Committee

Subject to the views of its members:

This subcommittee’s function is to take responsibility for the mission, goals, feasibility, operation and the achievement of outcomes of the SEL Alliance for California (SEL4CA).

The Steering Committee for SEL4CA provides oversight for the SEL4CA subcommittees.

The Steering Committee provides a stabilizing and coordinated view of the organizational concepts and directions of SEL4CA while maintaining a visionary outlook.

The Steering Committee looks at the broad scope of SEL4CA, its mission, goals, and action steps necessary to effectuate change. It asks appropriate subcommittees to work in certain areas where the greatest impact would be felt.

The Steering Committee looks at and then communicates to the general membership issues regarding dues, roles, and responsibilities of members, recruiting staff and other far-reaching goals.

The Steering Committee duties include:

  • Monitor and review the work of the various subcommittees
  • Provide assistance when required
  • Help resolve disputes, and reconciles differences

Current members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Andrew Cheeseman, SEL4CA Role, Founder of TeamYou, Los Angeles
  • Jay Levin, Founder BigEQ, Other Role, Los Angeles
  • First Last, SEL4CA Role, Other Role, City
  • First Last, SEL4CA Role, Other Role, City