We are educators and SEL program providers who came together because we care deeply about social-emotional leaning

We came together because we care deeply about introducing social-emotional learning (SEL) into all our California schools and communities as the best school and youth reform available because it teaches the life skills of self and emotional

awareness and management, how to create and maintain healthy relationships, conflict resolution, the “social awareness” ability to understand and empathize with others, responsible decision making, and effective problem solving.

A fundamental game-changer for academic learning and positive school cultures

SEL is shown to reduce violence, inequality, crime, racism, suicide and addictions.

Our Impact

SEL4CA is the first statewide volunteer organization that brought together practitioners of and advocates for social-emotional learning.

Currently, an estimated 10%-15% of California school districts now benefit from SEL instruction and implementation.

Our Vision

Our goal is to increase the resources provided by the state and by local school districts so that comprehensive SEL is adopted rapidly in all state schools, pre-K to 12, after-school programs.

By advancing the teaching and practice of SEL skills in our schools, we will increase academic achievement (up 11% universally and 17% for at-risk students).

Reduce the staggering human and financial costs caused by violence, addiction and other social maladies (and for every one dollar invested in effective SEL, the return is $11).

Join our initiative!
You can make a difference.